Eric is by no way a methodology teacher. He analyzes the student in front of him, assessing what style might be best for their body typing and flexibility range to determine the ideal swing for them.


An over-simplified view of his goals is that he wants each student to be able to:

  • Hit it solidly
  • Start it on line
  • Curve it the right way


Ultimately, golf instruction is about learning to control the golf ball. A BioSwing Dynamics Certified Master Instructor, following the philosophy of Hall of Fame Instructor Mike Adams, the “Swing Dr.”, Eric also integrates technology into his teaching. Some of the tools he currently uses are Trackman, V1, SAM Putt Lab, and BodyTracks.

“For over ten years now, Eric has brought my golf swing from weekend hacker to competitive amateur. More importantly, he has taught me how to play the game. Eric knows more about the golf swing than anyone I know. He has always kept it simple and fun, but has never tried to ‘sugarcoat’ the fact that to play well, you have to work at it. All this, while remaining incredibly humble and respectful of the game. Every time I have a good round and give him credit, he always says, ‘You’re the one that hit shots!’ Even though I have to travel from Oregon or Florida to see him, Eric is my coach for the rest of my days.”

– Mark McGraw

Columbia Edgewater, Portland, OR and Pine Tree Golf Club, Boynton Beach