Eric Johnson's Favorite Golf Tips

Never Miss a Short Putt Again

Never Miss A Short Putt Again

How To Pitch It Stiff

On, Eric demonstrates how to pitch it stiff for expert short ...

Few Have a Prayer After Finding the Church Pews

As seen in

10 Tips To Improve Your Golf Game

With Tri-State Professionals, Eric lays out a plan to identify your weaknesses.

Putting Fast Greens

Eric, on, gives tips to get your putts online and hole ...

Long Irons and Fairway Woods

How to choose between a rescue club or iron on the fairway. ...

Ball Striking

Eric teaches you how to hit a fairway wood solid, every time.

Cut Off Your Swing to Control Distance

Gain distance control by varying the length of the follow-through.

Fairway Woods / Swing Rhythm

Achieve balance and rhythm in your swing.

Play Your Percentages

Know your game to choose your best shot.

Golf Cart Stretch

Eric , for the PGA of America’s Instructional Series, demonstrates a quick ...

How to Play Oakmont’s 17th

In this video Eric Johnson is featured on The Golf Channel’s “The ...

Why Chose Eric Johnson . . .

Eric Johnson has been the Director of Instruction at Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, PA since 2004. A Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher since 2011,  he was also recognized by Golf Digest as a Top 40 Under 40 Instructors. Eric’s teaching approach combines technology with a unique perspective on the fundamentals of golf.

For over ten years now, Eric has brought my golf swing from weekend hacker to competitive amateur. More importantly, he has taught me how to play the game.

– Mark McGraw, Member, Columbia Edgewater – Portland, OR